Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects Term 11 (July 2018 - June 2019)

The following section introduces the ongoing research projects commissioned by W-BRIDGE.

Key Area 1: Forest Environment

Natural rubber production, and the sustainability of the environment around rubber plantations

Developing a Model for SDGs Achievement by Utilizing Rubber Trees of Small-scale Farmers

Research/Activity representative:
Motoshi Hiratsuka, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University,
Dr. Ir. Mahrus Aryadi,M.Sc.,Lambung Mangkurat University
Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO)

Measures against Deforestation

Promoting Sustainable Fairwood Procurement towards achievement of SDGs

Research/Activity representative:
Kimihiko Hyakumura, Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kyushu University
FoE Japan, International Environmental NGO
The Global Environmental Forum

Key Area 2: Mobility


Developing a Model for Maintaining Public Transportation in Less Favorable Areas by Focusing on "Within One Mile" Traffic

Research/Activity representative:
Kenji Amagai, Division of Mechanical Science and Technology, Fuculty of Science and Technology, Gunma University
Hirokazu Kato, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
Yuto Ihara, Adcanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society, Waseda University
Kiryu Saisei Co., Ltd.
Edamitsu Natsukashii Mirai Co., Ltd.

A Study of Public Transportation as Accessiblitiy of Healthy Social Participation

Research/Activity representative:
Kenichi Egawa, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University
Waseda Environment Civic Network

Key Area 3: Human Resource Development for Environment Issues

Fostering Human Resources Suited to SDGs Challenges in Asia

Developing an Education Model to Foster Human Resouces in the Environmental Field

Research/Activity representative:
Shinichi Tomonari, Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering, Waseda University
Waseda Global Environment Leaders (WGELs)

Key Area 4: Comprehensive Environment

Global Warming Countermeasures

A Study of Strengthening Resilience in Fukushima Hamadori by Wide-area Collaboration among Municipalities

Research/Activity representative:
Shunji Matsuoka, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
NPO Hirono Wai-Wai Project

A Study of Japanese "Stadtwerke" Contributing Sustainable Development in the Area

Research/Activity representative:
Hiroshi Onoda, Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering, Waseda University
Yugashima Area Council for Community Development